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A mesmerizing watercolor

English Garden Talk Press

Specializing in children's literature, English Garden Talk Press' main feature is the Olive and Violet Bright series by Gloria T. August. Envisioned as a book that parents and caretakers can read to their children for warm, heartwarming stories, the series follows the story of four young English hailing from Edwardian England who go around the world and solve mysteries. So far they've had adventures in England, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Bavaria and Hungary, and they're sure to explore more of the world as the 20th century starts to dawn across the world.

Saint Bridged Vineyard Press

Specializing in literature for adults, Saint Bridged Vineyard Press' feature author is Benyakir Horowitz. His books all occupy the same universe, a science-fiction cyberpunk quasi-satirical world where humanity keeps on keeping on, seemingly for the sake of keeping up appearances. Inspired by Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick, the pushing question in his stories is where does modern existence begin and end? How human can a robot be, and, moreover, how human is anyone? The definitions and boundaries of knowledge and existence are always mutable in Benyakir Horowitz's work.